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Hi everyone Smile

Welcome to my new group, Dogging in Montreal. Dogging is something that has been going on forever, but now has a fairly new name, thanks to the Brits! Dogging is all about fun and sex. It can involve everything from just watching to fully taking part. It can encompass Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Public and Semi-Public Sex, Group Sex, Swinging and Swapping, Sex with Strangers, and basic Masturbation. It's all good.

Montreal has something for everyone with plenty of couples who like to go to the lower parking lot at Beaver lake and show off for the appreciative voyeurs. Those voyeurs aren't the least bit shy, and will all masturbate together while watching. I think it is so cool. Want to be touched and rubbed, just roll down your window and you'll feel finger in places you didn't even know you had!

Of course, the guys will wait to see if the women will encourage them to do more, and if the guys are lucky, they may get a nice hand job, blow job, or even a quick fuck.

So welcome! Introduce yourself (no one needs your real name) and lets all try to meet up one night for some fun Tongue
the lower parking lot that is across the road from the near one is where people usually are. Also at the parking lot up the hill from Beaver lake. Most stuff takes place between 10:00PM and midnight.
Right by the bushes/trees in the lower outside parking lot is typically fairly dark. We won't be there this Saturday as we have a birthday party to go to in Pincourt that will probably run quite late.
Need to visit this place.
Remember, if you know of a place for fun outdoor sex, or Dogging, let us all know right here in the forum. Just start your own new thread and let us all know.
They tend to stay in the darker areas, but close enough to others as to be noticed. Many of the people you saw hanging around were there to hopefully watch things happen. As soon as you see a group of people gather near a car, you'll know what's going on.

Midnight is a bit late as most of the stuff will happen a bit earlier than that. Check it out around 10:00PM one night.
Nice place in day time

Put thru a GPS

45°40'19.15" N

73°31'0.45" O

Between 1h and 3 pm

In the path south of the 40 east.

Its call le boisé de la réparation

lots of gay but also str8 couple

try it,-73.516077&spn=0.005548,0.013937&z=17
Thanks bijobud, that's a good place for the East enders Smile
does dogging still go on this time of year?
It still does, for the hearty! It's just a bit cold for me Wink
not sure if this goes in this section or not but, cinema lamour is still open? is it a good place to visit?(fun)
Yes, Cinema L'Amour is still open and going strong. There are a few people on this site that go there quite often. I'm sure they will see this and tell you more.
Yes Cinema Amour is still open.Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, is free for couples downstairs. $35 if you want to go upstairs , couples only.
Couples section downstairs. Lots of fun when couple plays and lets the guys there join in.
Hope to see you there some night Carol.
I am gong tonight
One night, we may join "toots" when they go Smile
is there dogging apening at this time of the year and where

realy need some sex lol
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